Some of the Most Neglected Dirty Areas in Your House

Points of Contact

The professionals refer to those things which you come to touch with your hands and that includes handles and knobs, remote controls, railings, and even light switches. As a matter of fact, they become bona fide resort places for harmful bacteria and germs. But do not ever swipe them with a disinfecting agent and then, be done with it since a true disinfecting procedure includes 2 steps: Firstly, you should get rid of the soil and dirt and lastly, employ the product which eliminates germs and bacteria. If you skip one over the other, you may be leaving behind dirty portions which will make the germs and bacteria multiply like crazy, so do not ever be tempted.

For things such as doorknobs, drawers, and handles on cabinets, and the dirtiest things – since you touch them with unwashed hands – the sink handles, and toilet flusher, spray down using high-quality all-purpose cleaning agent and then, wipe it using a clean cloth in order to get rid of soil (even those spots that you don’t see any signs of filthiness).

Afterwards, use a disinfecting agent in a way directed by the manufacturer’s instructions – thus, when it tells you to spray it on then allow it to settle for ten minutes, that is how long it actually takes to work and eliminate germs and bacteria. Therefore, do not spray it and wipe it down right after because it might not be effective. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results or you can also contact Guildford end of tenancy cleaning.

There are a lot of items which cannot get wet and sprayed such as light switches. In order to clean this kind of items, spray the cleaning cloth instead with a quality all-purpose cleaning agent and then wipe the light switches all over. Repeat this step with the use of a disinfecting agent.

For remote controls, on the other hand, spray a cotton swab or clean cloth using an electronic cleaning solution (can use 1:1 rubbing alcohol and water) and swipe all throughout, especially any spots you see a grime formation. For smartphones or screen of a tablet, swipe it with the use of a flat-weave microfiber cloth on a regular basis that eliminates germs and bacteria even without adding any solution.

Coffee Machine Reservoir

This is actually disturbing, especially if you have not had your regular morning coffee yet or maybe even more uncomforting if you already have. The warm and reservoirs, wet portions of the coffee makers make them a favorite thriving place of germs or bacteria. A lot of just cleanse them with water after use, because a coffee is not considered dirty, as most people believed.

Well, fortunately, refreshing the coffee machine is very easy. Whether it is a traditional drip pot or a pod model, the very first thing that you should do is to take as plenty of parts apart since you can as well as wash them in soapy and hot water, or put them in the dishwasher. Afterwards, take a clean toothbrush and then, scrub away any mineral deposits, staining or trapped ground carefully.

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